Simonds Bandsawing Quick-Calc
for Utility and Production Cutting
of Solid Material Shapes

This program has been created to aid in the setup and optimum performance of bandsaw machines and blades. It is a work in progress and is to be used as a guideline. It is not a guarantee of cutting performance or blade life, nor is it guaranteed by Simonds or any of our subsidiaries. Additional notes below.

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Imperial Metric
Ranking Simonds Blade Types Optimum Choice Blade Speed Ft/Min Feed Sq In/Min Blade Speed Meters/Min Feed cm Sq/Min
CT SineWave
Broadband or Blockbuster


  • Rates shown are nominal cutting rates. Variables such as machine type, machine condition and tooth geometry (wider blades) will allow for higher feed rates and longer blade life. Poor machine condition or design will impact negatively.
  • Cutting rates are for customer reference and are not guaranteed by any manufacturer.
  • Material is assumed to be solid throughout cutting area. For hollow or structural materials, use the total thickness of any and all walls, webs or flanges when calculating the Cross-Section data input.
  • Use common sense when applying these rates. If the blade is squealing or cutting crooked, adjust feeds and speeds in an attempt to eliminate the problem.
  • This is to be used for reference only. If you are beating these rates, congratulations, if you are not obtaining these rates you should not necessarily blame your machine manufacturer or your sawblade supplier. Look at your operational variables extensively. As in most cases, short life or poor rate is a mis-applied product.