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Simonds Sinewave

Simonds Sinewave

Simonds® SineWave® Technology delivers 40% faster cut times with no material waste

Sometimes, solving one problem can lead to solving another! That's exactly what happened when Simonds developed its SineWave Technology for cutting high-nickel alloys. We discovered that the technology could do so much more...

With SineWave Technology, a ramping motion forces each tooth of the saw blade to penetrate the work. The blade grows in width – a self-feeding action.

Why does this matter? Many reasons!

  • The process will cut tough work-hardening material 30-40% faster
  • It significantly reduces the cost per cut
  • Minimizes material waste with accurate cutting or replacement of abrasive cutoff technology.
  • It maximizes cutting performance and can provide a better finish

Where can you use SineWave Technology? Steel service centers, large manufacturers and aerospace companies will want SineWave BiMetal or Carbide saw blades for:

  • High alloy/aerospace materials
  • Production cutting tool steels
  • Work-hardening applications

How does SineWave Technology improve cutting performance?

SineWave takes advantage of the benefits of rocking motion – it's an engineered continuous shift of the cutting plane. See it and believe it – check out our SineWave Technology presentation right now!

To learn more, please contact today.

P.S. Simonds' SineWave Technology is so good, we're already working on the next generation of this product... stay tuned.

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